In the most recent renewable energy auction, Italy allocated 300 MW of solar

In the most recent renewable energy auction, Italy allocated 300 MW of solar

The Italian government has prioritized energy and climate change on its political agenda. Renewables are slated to account for 30% of total energy usage and 55% of electricity generation by 2030, according to the nationwide energy and climate plan.

In Italy’s most recent renewable energy auction, the GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici) allotted 306 MW of capacity to projects with capacities of more than 1 MW. The GSE allocated 300 MW of solar power over 34 sites, but just one 6 MW wind facility was chosen. Twenty-seven of the initiatives will be under 10 megawatts, while the other eight will be between 11.8 and 53 megawatts.

Well-known Italian power suppliers, like Edison and Acea, were among the chosen bidders for the solar facilities. Other bidders were special-purpose vehicles with no obvious ties to industry heavyweights.

From the auction maximum price of €0.065/kWh, all of the developers provided a maximum discount of 2% to 3.02 percent. The lowest proposal was €0.06036 per kWh for a 7.8 MW (megawatts) solar project in Campobasso, Umbria, Italy.

According to a document, Italy plans to generate roughly $1.7 billion (1.5 billion euros) through a system to recoup profits from solar and sustainable energy providers in order to reduce increasing energy prices. The proposal, which is part of a larger government decree that took effect last month, must be passed in parliament in 60 days or it would lapse.

Solar projects in Emilia Romagna, Apulia, Sardinia, Piedmont, Lazio, and Veneto received the highest bid of €0.0637/kWh. Bids were somewhat higher or even equal to those received in the 7th renewable energy auction, which offered discounts ranging from 2.0% to 3.5%.

The GSE awarded 974.9 MW of renewable capacity, comprising 710.2 MW of solar, in its most recent procurement exercise, which took place In January. The Italian government gave 297 MW of solar electricity at the sixth auction, which was held in September 2021, and saw offers spanning from €0.0686/kWh to €0.0646/kWh. The lowest bid for a 3.4 megawatts (MW) solar project came in at €0.0685/kWh in the 5th procurement exercise, which was completed in May.

Only 32 megawatts of solar energy were allotted in total. Solar won 20 megawatts in the 4th round of the tender program, with the lowest bid of €0.06819 per kWh.

The GSE allocated 95.5 MW of solar power across four locations in the 3rd renewables auction, which took place In October. The lowest bid was €0.06490/kWh for a photovoltaic project.

Only 19.3 MW of solar capacity was distributed across four projects in the 2nd renewables auction. For a solar project, the lowest price was €56/MWh. Only one 5 MW solar plant, as well as 495 MW of wind power, were granted in the first procurement round. Electricity from the single PV plant will cost €0.060 per kWh. The Italian authorities have distributed roughly 1.5 GW of PV under the country’s tender program following the conclusion of the most recent auction.

Overall, renewable energy capacity installed in 2030 is expected to reach 95 GW, up 39 GW from 2017. Wind and solar are predicted to make up the bulk of new installations, with the former increasing by 21 GW and the latter by 8.6 GW, respectively, while hydro, geothermal, and bio energies will remain unchanged.

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