5 Great Reasons to Choose an Academic Market Research Subscription

5 Great Reasons to Choose an Academic Market Research Subscription

Academic market research subscriptions provide access to specialized knowledge, real-world data, and a unique industry perspective that is difficult to find anywhere else.

As a leading market research provider serving more than 100 universities, our team here at Newsglobalmedia.com understands what factors most often drive educational institutions to choose a subscription such as MarketResearch.com Academic or Profound.

Here are five great reasons to choose one of these Newsglobalmedia.com solutions for your institution.

1. Your Institution requires a diverse library of market research.

Our academic subscriptions provide access to a robust collection of research on a broad range of dynamic industries that are changing our world, including fields such as biotech, medical devices, artificial intelligence, financial services, telecommunications, publishing, and consumer goods. With our subscriptions, you will not be limited to one focus area but can access in-depth research on a wide variety of topics.

2. You want to lock in significant savings for a fixed fee.

Purchasing individual market research reports off the web can be prohibitively expensive for colleges and universities that are already struggling with limited budgets. An academic market research subscription offers significant savings and the convenience of a predictable annual fee.

3. You want to ensure easy access and wide usage.

Our portal is easily accessible to anyone on campus as well as to remote students and faculty. With Newsglobalmedia.com Academic, users can download as many reports as they need as part of the subscription.

4. You want to offer reliable research from authoritative sources.

Quality industry information is lacking on the web. When searching for market data online, it can be challenging to distinguish solid, reputable research from useless junk.

Our academic market research subscriptions introduce students and researchers to trustworthy information from leading publishers that use rigorous methodologies.

5. Your university has niche research departments or startup incubators that need data on specialized industry topics at an affordable price point.

Many universities want access to the wide-ranging and comprehensive collection of research reports available through MarketResearch.com Academic, but we also offer a unique market research solution called Profound, which is an ideal option for niche research departments or startup incubators that need very specific, hard-to-find data points from a variety of sources. Profound can stretch your budget by allowing you to purchase the exact information you need, whether that’s a chapter, section, or table.

What are the 7 steps in market research?

These are the seven steps of conducting a market analysis:
  • Determine your purpose. …
  • Research the state of the industry. …
  • Identify your target customer. …
  • Understand your competition. …
  • Gather additional data. …
  • Analyze your data. …
  • Put your analysis to work.

How is market research done?

It can be done through surveys, product testing, and focus groups. Test subjects are usually compensated with product samples or paid a small stipend for their time. Market research is a critical component in the research and development (R&D) of a new product or service.

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