Badajoz Enacts The Red Level Because Of High Temperatures

Badajoz Enacts The Red Level Because Of High Temperatures

Summer arrived in the province of Badajoz without giving up, the people of Badajoz will face the first heat wave of the summer , 5 days minimum where the thermometers will mark temperatures above 40 degrees and without falling below 20 degrees in minimum temperatures .

A summer that is coming on strong and with one of the most important droughts in recent years , with a hydrographic reserve of over 30%, many municipalities will not be able to fill their swimming pools if they are connected to the public water supply network.

The school classrooms are at the limit , without air conditioning in most of them, they have been denouncing that an update be carried out in the buildings to adapt it to the new climatic needs.

Although the seasonal summer does not reach San Juan, the climatological summer has already been established for several weeks. Climate change and the average rise in temperatures are making it usual to exceed 35 degrees for most days since May.

During this heat wave, the most affected areas will be the Badajoz regions of Tierra de Barros and La Serena, as well as the south of Badajoz , as reported this Friday by 112 Extremadura in a press release.

From this service it is recommended not to expose yourself to the sun in the middle of the day, avoid outdoor activities that require physical exertion, stay well hydrated, refresh the rooms, avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and pay special attention to the elderly and children, controlling their degree of hydration.

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