Send Off Of The Best Rosé On The Planet

Send Off Of The Best Rosé On The Planet

The Marqués de Murrieta winery has just presented the latest vintage of its Primer Rosé, one of the most exclusive rosés in the world by production, quality and limited number of bottles. Subtlety in its purest form, this rosé with such a characteristic color is made with 100% Mazuelo grapes from the Ygay estate that surrounds the Marqués de Murrieta winery .

The complexity of its production lies not only in achieving that perfect color that makes it unique, but also in making a wine that by concept must be fresh, but that at the same time has structure and the capacity to develop.

Prime Rose
He is a dreamer, with an ambitious, demanding and fresh spirit. Marqués de Murrieta began to make this rosé with the challenge of making it with a variety of grape unknown in the rosé world, the mazuelo, a low-production grape in Rioja and with excellent aromatic qualities. Achieving a unique rosé with the personality and balance of a Marqués de Murrieta, made like all his wines, with great care and delicacy.

With an imposing aroma, great vivacity and elegance , it has become the most subtle and forceful expression of Marqués de Murrieta. This wine came to revolutionize the sector and it succeeded, marking a before and after in the history of Spanish rosé.

The First Rosé de Marqués de Murrieta also stands out for the careful design of its bottle that evokes a precious jewel. The perfect wine for those who appreciate and enjoy the sophisticated , who are daring and ambitious by nature.

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